ComFlor® 51+

Contemporary new design of the original British re-entrant profile.

  • Virtually flat soffit for a clean aesthetic appeal.
  • Composite performance – floor slab. New embossments give even better shear key.
  • Composite performance – beam. Due to effective shear stud performance.
  • Fire and acoustic performance.
  • Easy attachment for services.

Courtesy of Tata Steel

Comflor 51 Steel Decking: Unmatched Performance for Composite Floors

Elevate your building project with Comflor 51, the premier steel decking profile for composite floors. Renowned for its exceptional performance and innovative design, Comflor 51 offers a winning combination of benefits:

Comflor 51: The All-in-One Solution for Composite Flooring

Comflor 51 goes beyond just being a floor deck. It’s a comprehensive solution that streamlines construction, enhances aesthetics, and prioritises safety.

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  • Superior Fire Resistance: The unique profile minimises concrete intrusion, enabling a slim slab design that achieves excellent fire ratings. This translates to enhanced occupant safety and potentially reduced construction costs.
  • Virtually Flat Soffit: Comflor 51 boasts a near-flat soffit, creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing underside for exposed ceilings. This eliminates the need for additional soffit finishes, saving time and money.
  • Efficient Shear Transfer: The cleverly designed profile provides an exceptional mechanical key for the concrete slab, ensuring a strong and reliable shear bond. This translates to superior composite action and potentially allows for reduced beam sizes.

Simplified Service Integration: The strategically placed dovetail grooves in the profile offer a perfect platform for attaching services like electrical conduits and HVAC ducts. This simplifies installation and creates a clean, organised under-floor space.

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