Composite steel deck refers to a type of flooring system commonly used in construction projects.

It is composed of a steel deck sheer that is combined with a concrete slab to create a strong and durable flooring solution.

Stud Deck Services supply composite steel deck predominantly TATA Comflor range along with Concrete Edge Shuttering & Ancillaries to complete the Composite Flooring make-up.

It is helpful to provide Stud Deck Services with the specific requirements for your project, including the desired dimensions, load capacity, and any other relevant specifications. This will help ensure that we can quote swiftly and confirm the very earliest delivery date to fulfil any urgent requests.

We also carry out suitable Design Calculations on all enquiries and offer Value Engineer Options where applicable.

Please ask the Sales Team for further information about steel decking supply and delivery options, lead times, and any additional services you may require, such as installation guidance or technical support.

This will help you plan accordingly and ensure a smooth procurement process for your composite steel decking supply.

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